Mitra SK has extended its operations into TURKEY by opening a new company titled MITRA S. K. TEST ve TETKÄ°K LTD. STI (MSK TURKEY) in 2009.

We are primarily engaged in testing Chrome Ore, Manganese ore, Iron Ore, Mill Scale, Ferro Manganese, Ferro Chrome, Silico-Manganese, Lead ores, Magnesium Oxide Ore, Zinc Ore, Copper Ore, Bauxite, Dolomite etc. Our experienced team comprises Mining Engineers, Chemists, Chemical Engineers, and Geologists.


MSK Lab in Turkey is equipped with sophisticated equipment namely Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, Carbon Sulphur Analyzer, and UV Visible Spectrometers to carry out analyses of the minerals and metal products. A quarterly Intra Lab Testing System is conducted amongst MSK Turkey and the 20 overseas Laboratories to attain a consistent standard of competence.

Ports of Operations

Within Turkey, MSK operates out of the following Ports-

Mines Operation

MSK also operates at different mines located in

Mitra S K Test ve Tetkik Ltd. Sti

Yeni Hal Street. Turgut Ozal Blvd.
Block D, No:90, MERSIN, TURKEY
T: +90 324 2340056
F: +90 324 2340567
G: +90 530 770 30 70/ 532 514 56 67
Contact Person: Mr. Ahmet SAVCI/ Mr. Emre KESIM
E-mail: ahmet@mitrask.com/ kesim@mitrask.com

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